CO2 sensor kit für schools and indoor environments

Starting at CHF 149.-

Ventilating rooms properly - with the CO2 sensor kit for schools

We bring the "Internet of Things" or "IoT" directly to your classroom:

With our kit, DIY instructions and workshops an ideal and practical project.

CO2 sensor helps with proper ventilation and teach technology, sensors and programming for students and interested teachers.


Good air with our kit - order now and participate

The advantages

Hands-on learning

Build your own sensor and get hands-on experience on topics of the future: Internet of Things, technology, programming, sensors, statistics and data

Optimize ventilation

Ensure optimal air quality in the classroom through monitoring & analysis

Didactical templates

Course preparation and experiments after assembly are included for classroom integration

Direct Support

Online-Exchange for Questions and Support

Optional Connectivity

Save sensor data to a swiss cloud service to view and analyze. WLAN or LoraWAN are supported.

Extensive Documentation

Video material and detailed assembly and programming instructions

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